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Performance Previsualisation (Previs / Previz)

Performance Previs is a new term we are introducing for the planning of entertainment productions. Traditionally story-boards and 2D or 3D animatics are used to plan and previsualise cinematic sequences. Production companies are already insisting on seeing completed previsualisations prior to funding scene in order to save potentially millions of dollars in wasted footage that ends up in the editor's bin.

We extend this further by introducing motion captured 3D character animations into the mix. Real human performances, even if delivered by stand it actors, allows you to previsualise your project in more depth than any other preparation technique.
Performance Previs

We work with you from your project concept stage to develop your production in much greater detail than ever before. Performances can be rehearsed and blocked out prior to a live shoot or more expensive main capture sessions at which time you and your production team know precisely what to record and how the scene will be constructed. 

Narrative, character arcs, performances, and cinematic decisions can be cost effectively made at the performance previsualisation stage thereby reducing expensive on-set or motion capture studio time and data post processing since you will only be recording shots that have already been green-lit.

Motion Capture Previz Performance Previs enables you to develop a richer more detailed representation of the final project, providing a clearer understanding of the end goals to all departments, and reduce risk and cost throughout production.

Unlike other previs solutions, Performance Previs is based on recording actual performances rather than automatic computer simulation or lengthy key-frame animation techniques.


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