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pipeline Services - Performance / Motion Capture Supervisor - Project Management

MoCo CG Integration

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Performance Capture Supervisor

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Performance Capture Supervisor
Motion Capture Data Production & Project Management

Performance MoCap Supervisor and Project Manager  



Character development

Development of character personalities, aesthetic design, physical nuances, traits, and vocal properties. Supervise 3D modeling and development.



Script break-down

Analysis of scripts, breaking them down into development requirements, character identities, shot lists, and production schedules.




Formulation of budgets for production and character animation development.



Facility sourcing

Negotiating with over 70 International Motion Capture Facilities and Service Bureaux to identify the most suitable for your project.



On-set supervision

Supervising and liasing with chosen facility for on-set activities to ensure the highest quality of production for your project.



Acting direction

Acting performance direction for motion capture - direction of body movement and physical performances to result in highest quality motion data.



Character animation direction

Direction of character animation for either primary or secondary level animation. Maintain performance nuances & personality throughout the character development process.



Motion capture data production supervision

Quality control of data clean up / post-processing, and supervision of application of data to 3D models ensuring highest level of subtlety and realism in transfer from actor to computer generated character / animatronic robot.



Real-time character & virtual set integration

Development of real-time characters for broadcast, trade show, and presentation. Manage rental, and/or installation of virtual set studios.




You can request any combination of services or contact us for services not listed.



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