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MoCo CG Integration

Performance Previs

Performance Capture Supervisor

Motion Capture Consultancy

Tools Development


Motion Capture & Motion Control (MoCap / MoCo) Services


Motion Control CG Integration(Previs)

Cost effective planning for your production.

Motion Control CG Integration

  • 3D <-> MoCo Cameras
  • Motion Control Rig Simulation
  • Real Time
  • Industry Compliant


Performance Pervisualisation (Previs)

Cost effective planning for your production.

Performance Previs

Motion Capture Previz
  • 3D Previsualisation of Performances
  • Performance Capture
  • Shot Dissection
  • Scenery
  • Camera Moves
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Effects
  • Dialogue
  • Music



Performance Capture Supervisor - Project Management

Character supervision for feature films, tv, commercials, and video games:

Performance MoCap Supervisor  
  • Character development
  • Script breakdown
  • Budgeting
  • Facility sourcing
  • On-set supervision
  • Acting direction
  • Character animation
  • Motion capture data production supervision
  • Real-time character & virtual set integration



Motion Capture Studio Design / Development and MoCap Consultancy

Looking to purchase a new system, or improve an existing facility? We provide independent services for the design, development, integration, and training of MoCap studios.

Motion Capture Studio Design, Development, and Consultancy  
  • Market research, business plans
  • Funding and strategic partnerships
  • Services & resources
  • Motion capture & analysis technology specification
  • Studio implementation
  • Motion capture workflow and pipeline design
  • MoCap training



Motion Capture & Control Tools Development

Kinetic Impulse develops bespoke hardware and software, including CG programming, electronics, and mechanics for motion capture and motion control applications:

Motion Capture and Control Tools Development  

  • Motion capture workflow / pipeline production tools
  • MoCap data analysis / modeling tools
  • Real time control



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