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pipeline Services - Motion Capture Studio Design / Development & MoCap Consultancy

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Motion Capture Consultancy

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Motion Capture Studio Design / Development, and
MoCap Consultancy

We will assist you in all aspects of motion capture & analysis.

Motion Capture Studio Design, Development, and Consultancy  
  • Are you considering purchasing a motion analysis system or setting up a studio?
  • Do you have an existing studio and wish to improve the quality of service and knowledge of your team?
  • Do you want to know more about the MoCap markets, technology, or techniques?


A combination may be selected (other services may be provided on request):


Motion capture & analysis technology specification

As independent advisors, we will consult on the most appropriate technology that suits your needs. Typical studios may include systems from (but not limited to):

  • Optical / Magnetic / Electromechanical systems
  • Data-gloves
  • Pipeline / workflow production software - PECS Tools Suite
  • Animation software
  • Professional video / audio
  • Real-time rendering & projection
  • Data processing & animation mapping
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN) & Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Server / Workstation networking

Manufacturers include (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Ascension, Charnwood Dynamics, Hypervision, PhoeniX Technologies, Polhemus, Ascension, Immersion, Kaydara - Filmbox / Motionbuilder, Discreet, Alias, Softimage ...)



Services & resources development

We will review your requirements to develop teams skills and implement the most appropriate pipeline, from management, marketing, administration, MoCap data capture, data processing / cleaning, biomechanical analysis, re-targeting, mapping, through to secondary level animation, and quality control.



Market research, business plans

Through animation & motion analysis market research, refinement of business plans, and optimisation your technical and human resources, we will help to improve your day to day operation, efficiency, and quality of work.



Funding and strategic partnerships

Through funding and strategic partnerships with our contacts, we can help you build relationships with manufacturers and industries to further your market opportunities; when starting a new venture, developing grant applications, or entering technology negotiations with manufactures and distributors.



Studio implementation

We deal with a wide range of international suppliers and manufacturers, and will assist in purchasing negotiations, management of installation, set up, and configuration of all equipment to ensure that each product is optimised to your requirements.



Motion capture workflow and pipeline design

Get your MoCap studio working efficiently.

From our experience in managing MoCap production for feature films through to small medical research investigations, we will assist you in implementing tailor made pipelines that suit your requirements for recording, cleaning, and supplying motion capture data on time and within budget.

Our motion capture software - PECS Tools Suite has been specifically designed for high performance management of MoCap data production and may be included with this service on request.



MoCap training

No amount of hardware and software will make your studio efficient if your staff lack knowledge.

We will tailor our Motion Capture Training Program to your requirements, giving you the latest techniques whether in entertainment, biomechanics sport / life science, medical research, or industrial applications.

We will train your staff in the management and operation of your MoCap studio to the highest level - beyond industry standards and the training given by the manufacturer your chosen system(s).

  • Production & resource management
  • Budgeting
  • Advanced setup & calibration
  • Human and animal anatomy for motion capture
  • Real time rendering
  • Data processing / cleaning
  • MoCap data mapping / application within 3D animation software packages
  • Professional audio & video integration
  • Software and hardware maintenance




You can request any combination of services or contact us for services not listed.




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