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pipeline Services - Motion Capture & Control Tools Development

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Tools Development


Motion Capture & Control Tools Development


MoCap and MoCon Tools Development  


Motion capture workflow / pipeline production tools

We run a bespoke development program for anyone wishing unique integration of their production pipeline and workflow techniques into the PECS Tools Suite.

PECS already has a number of production tools built in, and this services allow customers to extend it's functionality solely for their particular needs.



MoCap data analysis / modeling tools

We will develop customised MoCap data post production, analysis, and 3D modeling tools to your specific requirements. Whilst these may be integrated into PECS Tools Suite, we also offer the choice of a stand alone application, or plug-in to various commercial packages.

(For example - Ballistic Analysis Forensic Science - Metropolitan Police).



Real-time control

We develop custom solutions for Real Time control systems for broadcast, live events, theatre & stage, and industrial applications. Using Motion Capture Data as a control input, we will customise the processing and outputs of our RT tools to drive your electronic or mechanical technology.

Applications may include:

  • Animatronics / motion control inc. Milo
  • Lighting control
  • Audio / sound control
  • Automation
  • High risk machinery control





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