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Motion Control 3D Previsualisation (MoCo Previs / Previz)

Save time & money

  • Accurately simulate Motion Control shots before passing to mechanical rigs.

  • Design set and rail placements for multiple camera shots.

  • Maximise time on set.

  • Directors and DPs can see shots through the lens of a truly simulated MoCo rig.

  • Eliminate guesswork.

  • Director's Viewfinder and Wand optional extras.





CG 3D animation applications have always allowed complete freedom of virtual camera and model movements. There have been very few ways to check if real mechanical rigs are physically capable of achieving previsualised shots.  Until now.

PECS MoCo, the latest in the Performance  Environment  Control System product series, is a stand alone 3D hardware accelerated Motion Control simulator and data generator.  It will check and conform 3D camera moves from any professional animation application into Axis data to drive a physical motion control rig and visa versa.

A Real Time inverse kinematics solver sits at the heart of the system, fully loaded with the real rig kinematics, positional, velocity, acceleration, and ramp limits.  These can be pulled directly from control software such as Flair or entered manually into PECS MoCo.

Designed in conjunction with the leading UK feature film Motion Control VFX Camera Effects companies and MoCo supervisors, it can simulate any type of linear hierarchical chain rig, from Mark Roberts Motion Control's Cyclops and Milo, to Technocranes, General Lift's Genuflex,  Zebra, and Graphlite, or any custom built Kuper Control or proprietary system.

PECS MoCo Virtual Sets

Real Time 3D OpenGL rendering lets you previs the shots before sending them to the rig. Dedicated on-set rig placement and calibration tools align your real and virtual worlds so that  previs camera moves to match up with your real models and sets.

Video or pre-rendered image planes can be projected from the virtual cameras into the 3D workspace to guarantee set and model alignments.

PECS MoCo uses the FBX file format to exchange data between pro 3D applications, including Maya, 3D Studio Max, MotionBuilder, SXI, and Lightwave.  Multiple cameras with different lens information, camera head and target paths can be loaded into PECS scene manger that will assist you in finding the optimal on set position and rig configuration for as many shots as possible in one setup.  This dramatically saves time and money enabling you to place the rig once to shoot multiple angles within real rig limits.


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