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VFX supervisor and developer of Entertainment and Industrial Visualisation Solutions.

  • Real Time Camera Tracking / Virtual Studio
  • Motion Control VFX Supervison
  • Motion Capture VFX Supervision & Studio Design
Real Time Camera Tracking / Virtual Studio / Motion Control 3D Previsualisation

Take4D_Real_Time_Virtual_Studio Take4D_Motion_Control_Previs

Take4D is a Real Time Camera Tracking, Virtual Studio, and Motion Control Solving solution.

Regadless of the the camera support, whether it is hand-held, steadicam, crane or dolly through to a full motion control rig, Take4D incorporates a number of different real time camera tracking technologies that fulfil every requirement.

Containing the worlds most comprehensive set of tools for the development of complex motion control camera rig movements, Take4D enables you to pre-plan shots in advance and walk on-set in full confidence that the moves will run first time every time.

Take4D_Real_Time_Architectural_Visualisation Take4D_Real_Time_Custom_Development

Not limited to the Entertainment Industry, Take4D has extensive applications in the Architectural, BIM, Civil Engineering and Virtual Excavation Industries. Real time on-site 3D live visualsation of building designs and infrastructure, Take4D utilises the latest in augmented reality and precision camera tracking to display your construction live on a screen on site. We can peal away the surface live on-site to expose either existing or future structures.

Always available to custom development, Take4D is a proprietarry system that can react to the fast paced high precision demands of modern visualisation requirements. /
Horse Motion Capture (MoCap) Data

We license equine biomechanics and horse motion capture data. The data is available for feature films, video games, TV, commercial, industrial, medical, gait analysis and military applications.

Other animals are available on request:

  • Dog
  • Deer
  • Monkey
Motion Capture VFX Supervision and Studio Development



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