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Merlin (feature film)


fairies motion capture


fairies 3


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We were commissioned by Framestore and Red Post Production to capture trapeze artists' performances for 200 fairies in the TV Feature Film Merlin.

Shot at Pinewood studios using a Vicon optical motion capture (mocap) rig, we recorded swan dives, somersaults, basket making actions, and delicate flying gestures.

Additional animation & rendering by Framestore and our custom data modelling techniques were used to produced photo-realistic computer generated graphics that convinced many that we had used real life footage.

Later in this production, we worked with Jim Henson's Creature Shop using stereo photogramatory mapping to recreate the environment for the dragon scenes animated using a combination of their proprietary puppetry control system and key-frame techniques.

fairies 2


dragon 1


dragon 2







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