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Blip (Blawp)

Using a Vicon System from Oxford Metrics, we were commissioned by Jim Henson's Creature Shop to motion capture (mocap) the performances of a trained rhesus monkey for this 1998 Feature Film. Shot at Pinewood Studios, we examined whether motion capture or key-frame animation techniques should be used for the scenes involving a character called Blawp.

Gary Oldman - Spider Smith

We used two types of optical motion capture systems to do facial tracking of the speech of Gary Oldman performing Dr Smith as a metallic Spider Creature. Strapped to a moving platform, the actor performed his lines whilst we recorded facial data using a Face Tracker System, and global space data using a Vicon rig. The data was applied onset and in real time to a computer generated model of the character's face, thereby improving the actor's performance by having visual feedback to the movements of the final product.






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