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Motion Nurbs Modelling


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Motion Nurbs Modelling

Motion Nurbs Modelling is a new term that we are introducing for using the body as a drawing tool for architecture and sculptural forms.

In this process, cleaned marker X/Y/Z marker information is used to create Nurbs in space which are then used in generating surface and forms.

motion_nurbs_modelling_human_biped_running Human Biped Running:
Simple surface extracted from the hand marker of a human running.

Dance - James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies - Title Sequence:
Complex sculpture and space mapping extracted from the hand marker.


Horse Bucking and Kicking:
Complex sculpture extracted from hind quarters and foot markers.

motion_nurbs_modelling_fullbody_dance_mocap_data_horse_gallop Horse Gallop:
Complex sculpture extracted from various horse body and foot markers.


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